"Spiralling Up"
Wellbeing Programme with Helen Fiddler


Helping You to Spiral Upwards to a place of Wellbeing & Balance

A Holistic Wellbeing Course to Transform Your Life and Improve Your Sense of Wellbeing

Are you feeling too busy, anxious, fearful and not getting the support you need? Are your own needs and wants being neglected because you are too busy keeping everyone else happy? Do you feel stuck or burnt out and want to make a positive change in your life but struggling to do it alone? 

This online transformational coaching course will help you to SPIRAL UP to the life you really want! Replacing fear, anxiety and overwhelm with confidence, resilience and balance. Creating more time for YOU and YOUR NEEDS.


This course is designed to support and guide you in bringing a sense of balance, joy and wellbeing into your life so you can be the version of you that you really want to be: having time and energy for yourself whilst still being there for those that you love.

For so many of us we run around doing things for others and keeping other people happy and taken care of that we can often forget to take care of ourselves. This course give you permission and tips to take care of YOURSELF and then allow this to have a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

I have spent the last 7 years working with hundreds of clients and students to improve their sense of wellbeing on a holistic level, taking into account all elements of their life. I have learnt that for most people healing, growth and change is best achieved through a combination of learning and mindset shifts, support in making lifestyle changes,  breath work, and relaxation techniques. This unique course will bring together all these elements:


  • 12 pre-recorded workshops to do at your own pace  - discover how to reduce anxiety, welcome in a sense of calm balance and make time for YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS. Explore your vision and goals with a systematic programme of support to develop the tools and skills needed to prioritise your self care. Each week you will receive a new recording (see below) which you can work through independently at your own pace. Each workshop includes breathwork and other effective strategies to bring more calm and ease into your life. Learn the most powerful meditation and relaxation techniques to bring a sense of calm, clarity and focus to mind and body

  • 6 months of live online sessions with me every other week to feel the support of a live interactive community and ask me your questions and enjoy support on your wellbeing journey. You will develop skills, strategies and habits to build your resilience and confidence - all with my support and nurturing guidance and the support of the rest of the group.

Topics within Spiralling Up:

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Creating Healthy Boundaries

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Increasing confidence

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Parenting your inner child

Untitled design (7).png

Managing anxiety

Untitled design (7).png

Maintaining Healthy habits

Untitled design (7).png

Time management

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Creating a self care toolkit

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Increasing positivity

Untitled design (7).png

Saying no (politely & firmly)

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Letting go of perfection

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Having more FUN!

Untitled design (7).png

Law of Attraction

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Managing difficult decisions and situations

"WOW what a journey we have been on, we have connected on so many levels.  I can honestly say that working with Helen has changed my life, I finally know who I am."
Esther, Coaching Client - for more testimonials click here 

Yoga and Meditation Online Classes

The course

"Helen left no stone unturned and guided me to explore all aspects of my well-being. With a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, Helen helped me to break this down into specific focus areas and then smaller manageable goals. She guided me in my pursuit to achieve small actionable steps weekly."

Dr Jen - coaching client.
More testimonials here

  • 12 pre-recorded workshops to complete at your own pace - access for 6 months so you can revisit them as much as you want.

  • Live online group sessions with me twice a month for 6 months (Alternating between Wednesday and Friday evenings.)

  • An opportunity to be paired up with an accountability buddy and/or in a whatsapp group with other people on the programme to support each other throughout the course

Your investment and commitment:

  • 1.5 hours of your time for recorded workshops every week or two

  • 1.5 hours for live group coaching sessions with me. Option to join once a month or twice a month so you can do what is best for you. (Live group sessions will alternate between Wed and Fri evenings for more flexibility)

  • A positive & supportive approach to our group coaching sessions

  • £550 financial investment

  • Spaces are limited, please submit the form below if you would like to join this special group start to prioritise your wellbeing and development.


Spiralling Up Testimonial by Alison C

"Joining Helen’s Spiralling Up sessions has been one of the best choices I have ever made! The investment in this wonderfully motivational, inspirational, enlightening, fascinating and fun course has resulted in countless relevant and meaningful benefits to my every day life.  More than I could never have imagined! 

Helen has an incredibly well thought out way of bringing the various topics we covered to life whilst creating a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable environment. 

The course content provides useful and practical skills to help manage and reduce the chaos of day-to-day life assertively whilst remaining kind. It suggests ways of managing negative behaviours, reinforcing and building on positive behaviours and incorporating them into your lifestyle. 

Helen has the ability to make you feel connected and happy with yourself whilst developing self belief and confidence. 

Spiralling Up is hugely liberating and tremendously enjoyable "

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