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Spiralling Up

Helping you to spiral up to a place of wellbeing & balance, leaving behind a life of stress and people pleasing with no time for you.

12 Week Resilience & Wellness Programme with Helen Fiddler

There is no magic wand to get rid of life's hurdles and challenges (I wish there was!) BUT there are tools, techniques and a way of being that helps you to manage those hurdles with more grace, confidence and wisdom. 

If you are currently feeling like you are constantly spinning plates and keeping other people happy (family, friends, the boss, anyone and everyone) without any focus on YOUR needs then now is the time to change that.

I'm going to teach you the 4 cornerstones of positive and resilient life. My framework covers these 4 core pillars:

      1. Prioritising time for wellness & healthy habits.

      2. Letting go of habitual people pleasing.

      3. Implementing boundaries.

      ​4. Creating more joy &
So you can make yourself a priority, even though it might feel impossible​!
I know what it's like to be  feeling too busy, anxious, not getting your needs met and not getting the support you need. That was me 10 years ago! Full of horrible stress and anxiety as I juggled a busy job with my tendency to people please and generally just finding the demands of life too much to handle!

Yoga and Meditation Online Classes

Free AUGUST Workshop:
Building Resilience in 3 Steps to Cope with Life's Challenges

Learn 3 powerful techniques to build your resilience so that you are in the best place to manage life's challenges! 

  • Sunday 27th August

  • 7pm - -8.30pm

Live with me on zoom 

Get a taster of Spiralling Up!

"Joining Helen’s Spiralling Up sessions has been one of the best choices I have ever made!"

Alison C 

My 12 week Spiralling Up programme will help you to SPIRAL UP to the balance in life you really want. You'll learn how to build and maintain healthy lifestyle habits that you actually ENJOY and learn to be kinder to yourself (because aren't we all too harsh on ourselves!) 

You will find a balance in your life between helping others and taking care of yourself and YOUR NEEDS. 

Spiralling up will give you permission and the skills to take care of YOURSELF  - because when you are in a good place everyone around you benefits. And when you don't take care of yourself you suffer and ultimately your loved ones suffer too as you can't show up for them as the best version of you. Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable life will be when it doesn't feel so cripplingly overwhelming.

Key Topics:

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Creating Healthy Boundaries

Untitled design (7).png

Increasing confidence

Untitled design (7).png

Communication & relationships

Untitled design (7).png

Managing anxiety

Untitled design (7).png

Maintaining Healthy habits

Untitled design (7).png

Time management

Untitled design (7).png

Creating a self care toolkit

Untitled design (7).png

Increasing positivity

Untitled design (7).png

Saying no (politely & firmly)

Untitled design (7).png

Letting go of perfection

Untitled design (7).png

Having more FUN!

Untitled design (7).png

Law of Attraction

Untitled design (7).png

Managing difficult decisions and situations

Spiralling Up will bring a sense of balance, joy and wellbeing into your life so you can be the version of you that you really want to be: having time and energy for yourself whilst still being there for those that you love.

Special Extras

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Unlimited yoga & meditation sessions

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Course handbook

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Group support outside of sessions

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Accountability & Support Buddy

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Connect with like minded people

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About Me, your coach, Helen Fiddler:

I'm Helen, your health & wellness coach, I am here to support you!

I am passionate about giving you PRACTICAL tools and actionable tips to build your resilience and create a self care toolkit that works for YOU. Sometimes the wellbeing world can seem fluffy and blue skies! My way of working is putting wellbeing theory into action to create a clear plan of what that means for you in real life.  


I have spent the last 8 years working with thousands of clients and students to improve their sense of wellbeing.  For most people growth and change is achieved through learning powerful techniques, making mindset shifts and getting support in making practical changes. As a yoga and meditation teacher I will also be teaching you the most affective breathing techniques to calm the nervous system.


I can't wait to support you with your wellbeing journey

Much Love,  

Helen X  

Spiralling Up: What's included?

  • There are two group starting in September and finishing early December.

  • The Wednesday evening group begin on Wednesday 13th September at 6pm - 8pm.

  • The Friday morning group begin on Friday 15th September at 10am - 12pm.

  • You will have live fortnightly online sessions with me and your group - with the option to swap between the groups for maximum flexibility.

  • The live sessions are the backbone of the programme. You will develop skills, strategies and habits to build your resilience and confidence. You will get the support directly from me and the rest of your group. 

  • There is a programme handbook to work through as we progress through the programme together.

  • You will get weekly support from me and the rest of the group in a private whatsapps group.

  • There will be access to additional live interactive session with two guest experts. 

  • You will have the option to be paired with an accountability buddy to support each other in creating positive lifestyle change.


  • PLUS unlimited access to my yoga and meditation weekly classes in term time.​​

Option to upgrade to a VIP Package to get access to one to one sessions with me, Helen within the programme (see below for details, limited availability.)

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  • Wednesday evening group starts 13th Sept 6pm.

  • Friday morning group starts 15th Sept 10am.

  • Option to switch between group to fit your schedule.

  • Fortnightly workshops with me on zoom to learn key theory, create your own actionable plan and time to get direct support from me and the group.

  • A place within our supportive whatsaap community with me and the group for weekly sharing and support.

  • An accountability buddy so you can support each other throughout the programme.

  • Unlimited access to my yoga and meditation weekly classes.

  • An option to have 1:1 sessions with me (VIP Package.)

  • Additional sessions with guest experts.

  • Course handbook to support your learning.

  • A online group celebration at the end of the programme! 

Your Commitment:

  • Feeling ready to make your wellbeing and self development a priority 

  • Attendance at live fortnightly workshops with me on Wednesday evenings or Friday mornings (flexibility to switch between days when needed or have a recording if you need to miss a session)

  • A positive & supportive approach to our group coaching sessions

Spiralling Up:
The Programme

"Helen left no stone unturned and guided me to explore all aspects of my well-being. With a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, Helen helped me to break this down into specific focus areas and then smaller manageable goals. She guided me in my pursuit to achieve small actionable steps weekly."

Jen - coaching client.



Spiralling Up 
September - December 2023 

  £850 (Three payments of £283)

VIP Upgrade

Add on 3 bespoke 1 to 1 sessions with me (yoga, reiki or coaching) for an additional £285

Yoga and Meditation Online Classes

Spiralling Up Testimonial by Alison C

"The investment in this wonderfully motivational, inspirational, enlightening, fascinating and fun course has resulted in countless relevant and meaningful benefits to my every day life.  More than I could never have imagined! 

Helen has an incredibly well thought out way of bringing the various topics we covered to life whilst creating a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable environment. 

The course content provides useful and practical skills to help manage and reduce the chaos of day-to-day life assertively whilst remaining kind. It suggests ways of managing negative behaviours, reinforcing and building on positive behaviours and incorporating them into your lifestyle. 

Helen has the ability to make you feel connected and happy with yourself whilst developing self belief and confidence. 

Spiralling Up is hugely liberating and tremendously enjoyable "

Spiralling up (5).png
Guest Experts

Some of our Guest Experts in Spiralling Up


Dr Jen Cooney

  • Women's health coach

  • Health Physiologist

  • Expert in menopause and perimenopause and how easy enjoyable lifestyle change can affect health and hormone balance. Have your questions ready for Dr Jen!

Alison Fiddler

  • Formally a nurse, senior midwife and advisor for Public Health England Alison now works as a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist

  • Alison is our resident expert on the physiological benefits of meditation and how it literally changes the wiring of your brain 

Friday 14th April - Alison Fiddler Fri 12th May - John Weatherby Fri 7th July - Dr Jen Coo

Karen Sutton

  • Karen is the UK's First Widow Coach

  • Host of the Widow Podcast

  • Karen is an expert on managing grief and loss.

  • She has a unique and beautiful way of bring compassion and light to her sessions. 

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