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About Helen Fiddler

Hello, I'm Helen 

Helen Fiddler Yoga Meditation Coaching Wellbeing Reiki

What started off as a mission to simply be able to touch my toes soon became a real journey as I realised that yoga left me feeling calmer, grounded, stronger and simply more peaceful. For me, yoga is all about the breath. The breathing techniques and practices we learn are the foundation. The breath helps us to really work with the body, calm the mind and move deeper into our yoga practice and personal growth.  

As I was enjoying the physical side of yoga I also began to discover the benefits of positive thinking and meditation – and when I eventually joined all these elements together my practice became truly transformational: Helping, healing and building resilience in times of challenge and change. 

I have developed and evolved this self-care toolkit through working initially on my own well-being and over the last 5 years working with thousands of students and clients. Coaching was a natural progression as more and more of my yoga students began to look for my a support off the mat, support in managing busy lives, building confidence and resilience and developing their own self care toolkit. 

My sessions currently take place either online or in-person in Bakewell, the Peak District (UK) All sessions, whether it be yoga, meditation or coaching are friendly and relaxed (we leave our ego at the door) and you are encouraged to listen to YOUR body and mind as I guide and support you on your journey – we are all different in our bodies, in our minds and in our life experiences and so we celebrate that our development, our yoga and the tools in our self care toolkit will be different too.

I would love to share all these tools and strategies with you so you too can build and make use of your very own ‘self-care toolkit’ allowing you to live your best life



Yoga and Wellbeing with Helen

Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Reflection, for me have been the foundations from which I have been able to take care of my physical and mental health.  I have my mum to thank for this wonderful journey of yoga as she started taking me with her to a weekly yoga class when I was just 14 years old!

About Helen

More about Helen

Before becoming a yoga teacher and self development coach Helen was a teacher of law for 8 years and then an education manager. Helen’s qualifications and extensive experience in education bring a deep understanding of how to create a beautifully positive environment for learning, practice and healing. Helen combines her knowledge of the learning process and her experience as a yoga teacher to deliver high quality classes and workshops. Helen has studied yoga with teachers in the North West of England and London before training as a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India. Helen is also a reiki healing practitioner.

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