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Coaching Testimonials

Dr Jennifer Cooney

Helen has been integral to my recovery journey, and I cannot thank her enough!


For the past 14 months I struggled with quite debilitating symptoms due to a hormonal imbalance/deficiency. I am a Health Coach myself and a University Lecturer and Researcher. I am normally a very active, fit and healthy person and so to suddenly have my life swept from underneath me was truly devastating.



Despite not knowing me before I became unwell, Helen could recognise that this was a very difficult and frustrating time for me. Helen is a truly exceptional wellbeing coach, she met me with warmth and kindness and for the first time in months I felt like I was truly being listened to. In our coaching sessions Helen guided me to explore where I was currently at and where I wanted to be in terms of my health, personal and professional development. She helped me to realise the aspects of my previous life (before I became unwell), that I wanted to keep but also the aspects of my life that I wanted to change or let go of. Helen left no stone unturned and guided me to explore all aspects of my well-being. With a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, Helen helped me to break this down into specific focus areas and then smaller manageable goals. She guided me in my pursuit to achieve small actionable steps weekly. With her expertise in wellbeing, Helen helped me to realise that sometimes what I needed was to actually take things away from my weekly action plan and draw more attention on my self-care.


As a highly driven person, real relaxation and deeper self-care did not come naturally to me and on reflection this has actually been an integral part of my recovery. I feel extremely privileged to have Helen as my coach and am very grateful for her guidance in helping me to carve out the new path that I am on. I am excited for what the future holds. To help illustrate how impactful coaching with Helen has been, I initially arranged to coach with Helen for 6 weeks. Seven months later and I am still coaching with Helen, my health has improved significantly, and I have just launched my own Health Coaching Practice. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Helen! x 


Helen has a beautiful aura, a gift, a quality, something special that makes her coaching unique.  I feel incredibly lucky that I have the chance to experience Helen’s positive energy in our coaching sessions together.

I was introduced to Helen’s yoga classes as a novice by my Mum.  I was immediately hooked and signed up to four classes a week and participated in various workshops; Chakras, Well Being, Advanced Yoga.  I could feel the benefits these sessions were bringing to my life.  When normal life began again after lockdown, and my hectic work life took over, I struggled to participate in as many classes and I began to feel disconnected.  I decided to book a 121 coaching session with Helen.  I can honestly say I didn’t really know what to expect, I was feeling very apprehensive, however Helen immediately put me at ease with her relaxed and charming demeanour.

That was 12 months ago and WOW what a journey we have been on, we have connected on so many levels.  I can honestly say that working with Helen has changed my life, I finally know who I am.  We have worked on building my confidence, allowing me to aim higher.  I now have a job more suited to my life needs.  I have learnt so much, from practical solutions, to how to breathe and let things go.  The techniques Helen has introduced in to my life have helped me to become a better Manager and a better person.  I am looking forward to being part of the group sessions next year and continuing my journey with Helen.


Over the last few month’s I enlisted the help of Helen as a coach and the only word I can use to describe the process is TRANSFORMATIVE. I have gone from being a chronic, chaotic procrastinator filled with fear and doubt to a proactive, organised superhero!


I really loved Helen’s ability to use whatever method needed in the moment as she has so much experience and so many skills it felt like so much more than just coaching!  My business has moved from being stuck and well and truly stalled to starting to move along nicely. Action plans are being ticked off and completed. I have learned how to plan my days, weeks and months. I have also learned the importance of self-care in order to stay focused, well and motivated. And as a consequence of all of this my mental and emotional health have also had a massive boost. This gives me the confidence and strength to not just keep going but to truly ENJOY the process of forging my dream life.


I always felt like I should be able to do all of it on my own but after many years of struggling to create my life and business the way I wanted I eventually had to admit to myself that perhaps some help is needed here. Helen is off-the-charts fabulous to work with and so empowering. I cannot quite believe how much coaching and someone holding space for me with kindness and wisdom has changed everything. I really believe that this is not just because coaching is a valuable process to go through but that Helen Fiddler is so much more than a coach and is a truly special and wise soul. I can’t recommend working with Helen enough for whatever your struggles are.


With deepest gratitude

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