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Yoga & Meditation Testimonials

Gill - Yoga Student 

I have been practising yoga for over 15 years and have had the pleasure of attending Helen’s classes for the last 5 years. Yoga has undoubtedly helped me both physically and mentally.


Helen is a wonderful, gifted teacher, she explains and demonstrates clearly, making yoga enjoyable and accessible to all levels of ability and experience.  Classes are adapted to individual needs, Helen always gives options for those in the class who may prefer a gentler practise and for those who want a more dynamic challenging practise.  There is no pressure and everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and within their own needs. 


I would highly recommend Helen’s classes to anyone from beginners to experienced yogis.  Helen is kind, welcoming and her classes have a lovely friendly atmosphere.

I have attended numerous yoga, well-being and meditation workshops with Helen, all of which have been a joy and I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

I am very grateful to have had the benefit of Helen’s experience, knowledge and support.  Many thanks Helen, Namaste.

Online Yoga Class Review

Rob  - Yoga Student

Online Yoga Class Review

I joined Helen’s yoga class a few years ago and discovered that she’s a star! Helen makes everyone feel welcome and I appreciated her support as she adapted the practice within the class to suit myself when I was a complete novice.


Helen explains the practice really well and it was exactly the introduction to yoga that I needed. I’m now enjoying the full mind/body experience of yoga and I’m confident to take on many of the more advanced suggestions that she offers to make the practice more physically challenging.


I struggled with a shoulder injury recently (not incurred during one of Helen’s sessions!) and I used Helen’s yoga as a way of exploring the issues I had with my shoulder at that time. She was supportive and compassionate and helped me adapt my practice at that time to make sure the yoga practice aided my recovery.


Thanks Helen!

Denise - Yoga Student

Online Yoga Class Review

I have been doing yoga with Helen since 2018, as a teacher she is very knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful with loads of compassion and really pays attention to all her students. Yoga has enabled me to be more flexible, helped with challenging health issues, high blood pressure and diabetes and has made me stronger both physically and mentally.


She has created a lovely community of yogis and it is always a pleasure attending her classes

Laura & Rob

Online Yoga Class Review

We love coming to yoga class each week and couldn’t recommend Helen enough! 

Laura: Helen is a brilliant yoga teacher! Classes always have the perfect balance of relaxation but are physically challenging too. Helen is great at making sure we all listen to our bodies and always gives various options depending on whether you want to dial up your practice. 

Classes are well structured and I particularly enjoy the breathing techniques Helen works through at the start of class. Following Helen’s support and continued guidance I feel I now focus more on breath during yoga which I didn’t do before coming to Helen. This has really helped me to deepen my practice. 
At the end of class I always feel both relaxed and full of positive energy thanks to Helen! 

Rob: I was a complete beginner when I started Helen’s classes in 2020. I have always done lots of sport and been a keen runner. By attending Helen’s yoga classes I have really noticed an improvement in my overall performance and it has helped reduce the chance of picking up any niggles and injuries. 

For someone that finds it very difficult to “switch off”, I have definitely found that coming to class each week has made me take the time out for me. I couldn’t have done this without Helen!

Judith  - Yoga Student

I have tried many yoga classes over the years but it wasn’t until a friend introduced me to Helen in 2018 that I fell in love with yoga.


I join her Improvers Class every week where you can make your practice as easy or as challenging as you need it to be that day.  More difficult options are always offered but there is no pressure to push yourself – I do most of the time but have been known to spend almost a whole class in “relaxation mode”. I am so grateful to have found Helen's classes.

Online Yoga Class Review

Lesley  - Meditation & Yoga Student and Reiki Client 

Helen's classes are truly wonderful. Helen has a passion for her subject and is enthusiastic, kind, caring and knowledgeable. I have been to her yoga classes, meditation and positive thinking group, and wellbeing workshops. Previously in person and more recently through the wonders of zoom. Helen also did a private class for myself and my daughter who is 5000 miles away. It was very special to be connected in such a positive way in the same virtual space.

To anyone wondering whether to try the classes, I would say don't hesitate. You will be made to feel very welcome. It is a very positive community. There is no pressure to be anything other than yourself - camera on, camera off, speak or don't speak, you will always be welcomed and will leave feeling relaxed and nurtured.


Mel - Yoga Student 

I’ve been going to Helen’s classes since 2018 and it’s made a tremendous difference to my flexibility, balance and core strength. She’s an excellent teacher- classes are varied, fun and as challenging as you want them to be. Her workshops are an opportunity for more in depth practice of asanas with constructive feedback to aid improvement.

Paul - Yoga Student 

I can't recommend Helen highly enough. Whether you're an experienced yogi, or thinking of giving yoga a try, she will help guide you along your journey with amazing patience and without expectation, building on your experience as you go. I do both online and in-person classes, which are always excellent, uplifting, friendly and fun. And beyond that, through her great teaching and gentle words of encouragement, you begin to understand how the principles of yoga apply to life more generally, and start to appreciate its true meaning.

Lynda - Yoga Student 

Helen is an inspirational yoga teacher. I rediscovered her in May 2020 on zoom! We live 3 hours away but virtual teaching has given me the privilege to attend her classes. Her yoga classes include something for everyone and Helen adapts them to each member of the group and their individual needs. I especially love her wellbeing workshops combining yoga, meditation and wellbeing work using journaling, affirmations and gratitude. Twice Helen has run these workshops for my friends, what a fantastic way to connect virtually with your friends and share an uplifting, relaxing and enriching session together. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she is always smiling and her joy of teaching shines through! 

Student testimonial.jpeg

Andrea - Yoga Student 

Online Yoga Class Review

Helen gave me confidence in my yoga practice which had lain dormant for years. The combination of her gentleness, kindness and compassion along with her solid practice creates a wonderful space to connect mind and body. 

I was clearly enthused about Helen's teaching as both my husband and daughter started attending too. I also enjoyed some one to one yoga sessions with Helen which I received as gifts from my family. This was a wonderful opportunity to extend my practice. 


I have no hesitation in highly recommending Helen as an excellent yoga teacher. 

Debbie - Yoga & Meditation Student 

Meditation and yoga have helped me to find a bit of calm in the crazy storm that is life. I’d highly recommend both yoga and meditation with Helen. Yoga has both physical and mental benefits and demonstrates the fact that our physical well-being is strongly connected to our mental well-being. For Zoom yoga classes you just need a quiet space and a mat. The benefits are that a ‘live’ yoga teacher can correct your posture and give you feedback. Helen’s style is to correct when needed but predominantly to affirm and encourage.


In Helen’s Thursday positive thinking and meditation class you are encouraged to write down the things that you are grateful for. It’s amazing how long the list can be. These things are sometimes the ‘tiny details’ of life’s pleasures that can be over-looked. The meditations are always revelatory, they reconnect you with your ‘higher self’- the core of yourself that is calm and centred.


My top tips for keeping sane? Try yoga, give meditation a go and keep a gratitude journal. Helen’s yoga classes, well-being workshops and meditation classes have been life-savers for me.

Simon & Anne - Yoga Students 

Helen is a natural Yoga teacher, with each lesson, she creates a unique sequence that flows through your body, we always feel better and sleep well after class with Helen. Her empathy with her yogis is uplifting, the way Helen adapts and engages with everyone during each session and keeps it flowing for all. Helen's gentle, instruction even when doing online lessons, is always completely relevant and helpful.

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