3 Steps to Managing Anxiety
Free Online Masterclass
Wed 7th Sept at 7.30pm.  Repeated on Fri 9th Sept at 6pm (UK time)

Do you find yourself feeling stressed & overwhelmed?

Are you feeling anxious & panicky?

And sometimes you don't even know why.


This masterclass will explain 3 practical strategies to help you manage feelings of anxiety and suffering from anxiety (I'll explain the difference in the session.)

Masterclass Sept 22.png

We'll practice these strategies together so you can feel how they help to immediately bring more calm, peace and balance into your body and mind! And if you're not sure of any of the strategies you'll be able to ask me and get your questions answered.


In the session I'll also be sharing with you my own experiences with anxiety and a useful activity I like to do when feeling overwhelmed. There will be time to ask me questions at the end and find out more about Spiralling Up - my online wellbeing programme.


And just in case you're feeling anxious about joining the session please know this will be a supportive and friendly session. I'd love it if you have you have your camera  on and really interact with me during the session but if you feel like you want to be quiet and/or keep your camera off that is fine too! 

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