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7 Days of Wellbeing: Free 7 Day Event
Starts Sunday 7th January!

Get my support and support from other like minded people as you begin your new year! 

During this FREE 7 DAY EVENT I'm going to show you:

  • The most simple yet powerful habits to build your resilience and wellbeing

  • How to practically build these habits into your life in an enjoyable way - so you actually enjoy taking care of yourself in 2024.


Upgrade to a VIP place for just £17 to get:

  • Access to an additional LIVE workshop with me (via zoom)

  • Daily support WhatsApp support from me too!

  • I have never before offered this level of support in a 7 day programme!!


Join me in making your start to the new year feel fabulous.

I'm so looking forward to supporting you!

Helen X 


What's it all about? 

  • Firstly this is NOT a new year, new you thing!


  • Why? Because the current version of you is already flipping fabulous (even if you don't believe me or feel it!!)


  • These 7 days together are going to help you recognise your strengths and all the things you are already doing to help you get through the craziness of life! All the things you don't even realise you're doing and don't give yourself credit for! 

  • I'll be showing you how you can build on where you're at now and how you can make simple powerful tweaks to your habits and mindset so you can begin 2024 with a more resilient and positive mindset.

  • We'll be exploring techniques and tools to bring more positivity into your life but ALSO why your negative thoughts are really normal and can also be very helpful if we use them in the right way.

  • These 7 days are about making your wellbeing simple, enjoyable and transformational - and YES you can have all 3! 

The practical bits .....

  • Most of the action will be taking place in my free facebook group or here on my website starting Sunday 7th January

  • On the final day: Saturday 13th Jan there will be a free zoom session for everyone,  live with me at 10.30am to bring it all together and plan your next steps for 2024.

The VIP programme (£17)


  • The VIP programme you will give you access to an additional exclusive live workshop with me on day 1 of the 7 days to get my support and advice for the week and year ahead.  This will be live on Sunday 7th Jan at 7pm - 8.30pm (You will also have access to the recording.)

  • PLUS DAILY support from me over the 7 days in a private WhatsApp group  - just you, me and other VIPs.

  • This is going to be extra powerful as you will be in closer contact with me for the week and have extra accountability and support in getting your new year off to a fabulous start! 

  • This level of support is usually only ever available to those in my Spiralling Up Wellbeing Programme!!

Yoga and Meditation Online Classes

The 7 Days.... Starting Sunday 7th Jan 2024

Day 1 - New Year Habits

You will learn the 3 most powerful habits you can do do each day. 

PLUS:  VIP workshop on this day (Sunday 7th Jan) at 7-8pm.

Day 2- Positive Mindset - Gratitude

Learn how to write your gratitudes so they feel natural and enjoyable.

Day 3 - Positive Mindset - Affirmations

I will show you exactly how to write these helpful positive phrases.

Day 4 - The Power of Meditation Practice

A simple meditation technique you can do as often as you want.

Day 5 - Simple Powerful Movement

Time to move! Easy simple movements to nourish your body.

Day 6 - The importance of kind self talk

You can't get away from yourself so how you talk to your self matters!

Day 7 - Live Group session - Saturday at 10.30am 

Celebrating your success over the week (there will be a lot to celebrate!!) and planning your next steps for 2024! 

How do I join?

Simply send me your email address using the form below and I will send you all the details.


Most of the action will be taking place in my free facebook group but I'll also share how you can access to content if you're not on facebook.

Join the 7 Days of Wellbeing

Helen Fiddler Yoga & Coaching
Join the 7 days of wellbeing

Thanks for submitting. I'll be in touch via email.


​If you're not yet in my free Facebook group you can join HERE ​


Upgrade to the VIP Version for £17 HERE​


Warm wishes, Helen X

Do you want to upgrade to a VIP experience for £17? (yes £17 for the 7 days!)

In the VIP experience you will get:


  • Access to an additional group workshop with me on DAY 1  (Sunday 7th Jan at 7pm - 8.30pm live & recorded) to start this special event with additional support and expertise from me - with time to ask me your wellbeing questions too. 

  • PLUS access to a private small WhatsApp group with me and other VIPs so I can support you more closely throughout the week with additional tips, advice and support

  • Sign up for the VIP version HERE (Via Gymcatch)

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